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5 Tips For a Cool and Stress-Free Summer At Home

If you have to spend the summer in town, instead of taking a holiday, then you will appreciate the tips and tricks we are posting today. With one of the hottest summers we have seen here in Britain, it is essential to keep our homes cool to survive the heat waves. Here are 5 simple ways you can lower the temperatures in your place and enjoy this hot season. Check also: 12 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Amazing Summer at Home Clean and maintain your air conditioner to ensure its proper work during the warm season. TAKE CARE OF [...]

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8 Stain Removal Tips to Help You Save Your Favourite Summer Clothes Part II

Everybody has their favourite summer outfits and everybody hates when a spot ruins the garment. Summer hides a lot of risks of accidents and spills so we decided to share with you how to deal even the most stubborn and difficult to remove stains. In the first part of this article, we shared with you how to remove grass, mud, berries and ice cream from your summer garments. Today we are posting some more tips on how to clean various stains in order to save your clothes this summer. Read also: How to Spean a Stress-Free Summer at Home Deodorant [...]

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8 Stain Removal Tricks to Help You Save Your Favourite Clothes This Summer Part I

Summer with its warm weather, delicious treats, and greenery is definitely the best season to be outside. However, the most pleasant ways to spend your time in the warm season can lead to various stains on your favourite outfits. Luckily, we, at The Happy House Cleaning know everything and anything there is to know about dealing even with the most stubborn stains and spills. Check also: How To Prepare for a Carefree Summer? So whether you are hiking in a forest, lying on a white sand beach, or just enjoying a handful of fresh berries and accidents happens, don’t worry! [...]

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Summer Chores Checklist for a Carefree Summer

We at The Happy House Cleaning know that maintaining your home during each season requires a different approach. This is why we are trying to share some tips and tricks, according to the time of the tear. Last summer, we have prepared a list of 12 things to do in advance in order to enjoy an amazing summer at home. We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding this article and decided to add some more useful tips to this summer cleaning and maintenance list. ☺ Before you continue: 12 Things You Can Do For a Stress-Free Summer at Home [...]

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12 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home for an Amazing Summer

We associate summer with vacations, lazy moments on the beach, hiking, and long walks in the park. Cleaning the house is probably the last thing you think about when preparing for summer. But even if you go on holiday, you will still spend a big part of your summer at home and you have to agree there is nothing better than cold cocktail on the patio, or a Sunday barbecue in your garden. We've gathered a short list of chores that need to be done in order to enjoy great summer at home. Read also: How to Prepare Your Home [...]

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