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3 Easy Sofa Cleaning Tips Everyone Should Know

Spring is around the corner and it is time to refresh the house before the warm season. After the long winter, your sofa needs a good clean up. Over time, soft furnishings like armchairs and couches accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. Check out these amazingly easy and fast ways to keep the couch its as-new fresh look. Vacuum Thoroughly Get the upholstery attachment of your hoover and carefully run it over the furniture. Take your time to lift cushions and vacuum underneath. Don’t miss small, hard to reach places like corners and folds. This is a very important [...]

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How to Get Rid of 5 Types of Stubborn Stains on Your Sofa

We have posted a lot of articles about how to clean different types of upholstery and how to keep your sofa and armchairs clean. In general, vacuuming your furniture regularly and deep-cleaning them once every 6 months should be enough to keep them as new for years. However, soft furnishings are often involved in small domestic accidents – food and beverage spills, stains from cosmetic products, pet urine – you name it. With winter approaching, we know that you will be spending more time, curled up on your sofa. We asked our cleaning experts to share a few tricks that will help [...]

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Cleaning After Halloween – Learn How to Make Your Sofa as New Again

Halloween is near and we are all waiting for it, preparing costumes, and searching for the best recipes for creepy looking snacks. This is a holiday for the whole family, with the whole neighbourhood celebrating. Unfortunately, usually after the celebration it is the best costumes and the most delicious foods leave the biggest messes and the most stubborn stains.And while dealing with dirty clothes is easy (you just pour tons of stain remover over them and stuff them in the washing machine), your sofa and other upholstered furniture is at real danger. Last year we've posted some tips on how [...]

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10 Common Cleaning Mistakes and Why to Avoid Them – Part I

Being experts in our work the proper way to clean anything – from carpets and upholstery to windows – seems obvious and self-explanatory. However, when we are hired for a cleaning job we often stumble upon ruined furnishings, scratched floors and deteriorated rugs, all results of improper treatment. This is why we decided to dedicate a special post in our blog to the most common mistakes in cleaning, why to avoid these bad practices and how to choose the best methods and cleaning products when doing the chores. 10 Mistakes That Make Cleaning Inefficient (and More Difficult) Most people don’t like [...]

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5 Tips on Cleaning a Suede Sofa

Suede is a great upholstery material, giving the room cosy and luxurious look. Nevertheless it has a bad reputation for being difficult to maintain. However, cleaning a suede sofa doesn’t have to be epic task – here are 5 ways to maintain your upholstery in a top shape without much effort. Removing Wet Stains If there is a food or beverage spill on your suede couch the faster you act the better. This is because suede is extra sensitive to moisture and liquid can damage this luxurious upholstery. Blot the spot gently to extract as much of the stain and moist [...]

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DIY Green Upholstery Cleaning

The sofa is the most used piece of furniture in every home inevitably and gets dirty far more often than any other thing. Dirt, dust, and stains (not to mention creatures such as bed bugs and dust mites) are just some of the problems you need to deal with to keep your couch in good condition. Regular cleaning is a must, but using commercial detergents and stain removal products can be threatening your health. Most of them contain ingredients that can be a hazard if you breathe or touch them. This is why we have prepared a short step-by-step guide [...]

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