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How to Boost Your Property Value When Selling? Part II

Last week we’ve shared a few tips to help you boost your home’s value when selling. We took some ideas from a survey, made by Populus - one of the leading UK market research companies. They asked what are the things that would make potential buyers to reduce or even – withdraw their offer when buying a property. Some of the factors like weak mobile phone signal are not under the seller’s control, while others, related to condition of the house can be fixed. Small renovations, good lighting and clearing the space are just some of the things you can [...]

2018-07-14T11:05:50+00:00December 1st, 2015|Blog|

How to Boost the Value of Your Property When Selling? (Part 1)

Last week we ran into very curious article. – a website for tips on selling property with maximum profit asked Populus - one of the UK’s leading research agencies to discover what are the things that are most likely to put off potential customers when selling your home. Some of the things that can chase potential buyers away – like noisy neighbours, or poor mobile network coverage are beyond seller’s control. But other things that can repulse buyers or make them want serious price reductions – like the condition of your property are completely reparable. Read how to deal [...]

2018-07-14T11:06:52+00:00November 24th, 2015|Blog|
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