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5 Unusual Oven Cleaning Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Scrubbing scorched food and old grease stains make the oven cleaning one of the most dreaded chores at home. However, we have good news – if you hate spending hours rubbing and polishing the appliance, then this article will give you a few ideas on how to efficiently tackle the task. These 5 cleaning hacks will help you get your oven sparkling in no time at all. And the best part is, all you need are just a few simple products you might already have at home. From removing oil, stains, and burnt food to getting rid of the foul [...]

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Experts Share Which Are the 8 Things We Always Forget to Clean – Part 1

We all know that some of the dirtiest and the germiest places in our home are the bathroom, the toilet, all the sinks, the shower and the kitchen. Everyone knows that they must include these spots in the regular home cleaning routine, however, there are some things that also collect a lot of dirt and are home to various bacteria. And the worst part is, we all are guilty in neglecting them and not cleaning them often enough. The Happy House Cleaning’s team shared a list of 8 things at home that we often forget to clean. Our experts also [...]

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5 Easy Methods to Clean Your Home Oven

Cleaning a dirty oven is one of the tasks everybody really hates. Nobody enjoys rubbing old grease spills and scraping out burnt food residues for hours, so many people just postpone this chore as much as they can. Unfortunately, a dirty oven is a dangerous appliance – the built up dirt can lead to foul odours, smoke, and even – to fire. However, this chore doesn’t have to be difficult and to take all your free time – just check these 5 tried and tested oven cleaning tricks. Check also: Green Spring Cleaning Part 1 - Kitchen Baking Soda to [...]

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How to Clean the Dishwasher in 8 Easy Steps

Cleaning a dishwasher – this sounds weird, right? Isn’t the dishwasher clean by default? We never think of the washing machine, or the dishwasher, as something dirty, because they are supposed to clean, not to be cleaned. But over the time, every dishwashing machine collects food particles, soap residue, sometimes even – pet hair, and everything builds up in an inexplicable gunk. This is why every dishwasher needs a thorough cleaning every now and then. This is why we decided to share with you how to clean your dishwashing machine in X easy steps. If you search for easy and green [...]

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Green Spring Cleaning Tips Part 1 – Kitchen

Spring is near and so is the big home cleaning. Some people associate Spring Cleaning with general cleanup or de-cluttering certain areas. But we at The Happy House Cleaning think of Spring Cleaning as of deep and thorough cleaning of every room of your home. Next few weeks we are going to put together some great green cleaning tips for every area in the house without using toxic commercial products. Today we shared 5 green recipes to tackle spring chores in the kitchen. Before you get started, check our list of professional tips  to deal with all Spring Cleaning tasks fast [...]

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