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10 Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home

The flu virus spreads increasingly easy and bacteria can stick onto various surfaces in your home. The flu spreads rapidly, especially when you are around sick people at home or at work. If they cough, sneeze, or even when they talk, they shoot the virus bacteria all around them. Flu microbes are also spread when a healthy person is touching something that has been in contact with a flu sufferer. So there is no doubt it is a challenge to stay well during flu season. However, you shouldn’t feel powerless when it comes to keeping the illness away. [...]

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4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

There is a stress-free way to a comfortable and cosy home! Sometimes tidying and cleaning the house can seem like an impossible, overwhelming task and we tend to postpone it as long as we can. Luckily our experts decided to share 4 simple ways to keep your home organised and cleaned with ease. Read also: 30 Things You Need to Throw Away Before Spring Cleaning of the House Keeping dry foods in stackable containers will save you a lot of space in the kitchen. Get Rid of the Packaging Original packaging of groceries tends to be [...]

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15+ Lifehacks from Professional Cleaners That Will Blow Your Mind Part 2

Our expert cleaners are always eager to find out alternative cleaning methods and love to experiment to see the results. In our previous post, we have shared the first 6 cleaning hacks that allow you to clean almost anything with limited supplies. Today we continue with 5 more amazing cleaning tricks. Use paper tape to deal with pet hair on furniture and clothes fast and easy. Tape Out The Annoying Pet Hair Only pet owners know how frustrating is to remove all the fur from the furniture and clothes, especially when you are in a hurry. Fortunately, there [...]

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15+ Lifehacks from Professional Cleaners That Will Blow Your Mind Part 1

These cleaning and organisation tricks will make your jaw drop. Our professional cleaners are always interested in learning more cleaning methods and experimenting to see the results. Searching for surprising tricks and recipes has become a hobby for some of our technicians, and we can often hear them discussing their strangest findings. We have asked our cleaning team to pick the most efficient and handy tricks they know for our readers, and the result is the list below. Check also: 5 Upholstery Cleaning Tricks to Help You Keep Your Sofa as New How to Clean Anything, Anywhere, Anytime [...]

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Does Hiring a Domestic Cleaner Worth the Cost?

You probably spend at least a few hours every week on household chores. If your schedule is full and you have always wanted to ditch the mop to spend more time with your or catch up on your hobbies, it may be reasonable to hire some help. However, if you wonder if hiring a home cleaner worth the money, you can check a few things. Read also: Professionals Share 8 Secrets to a Keep Your Home Clean Longer CALCULATE THE COSTS House cleaners generally charge £12-£30 per hour, which might be more affordable for you than you imagined. Location, pets, [...]

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5 Tips For a Cool and Stress-Free Summer At Home

If you have to spend the summer in town, instead of taking a holiday, then you will appreciate the tips and tricks we are posting today. With one of the hottest summers we have seen here in Britain, it is essential to keep our homes cool to survive the heat waves. Here are 5 simple ways you can lower the temperatures in your place and enjoy this hot season. Check also: 12 Tips to Help You Prepare for an Amazing Summer at Home Clean and maintain your air conditioner to ensure its proper work during the warm season. TAKE CARE OF [...]

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10 Amazing Cleaning Uses of Baking Soda for Your Home – Part 2

In the first part of the article, we have shared some great cleaning recipes and methods involving baking soda – from dealing with foul odours in plastic containers to removing dust from textile decorations and stuffed animals. The rest of the tips are no less useful and exciting and can change the way you clean your home. Unclog the Kitchen Sink Baking soda works great for cleaning almost everything in your kitchen – from greasy cooktop to smelly refrigerator. We have already posted a bunch of recipes on how to deal with stained and scorched oven and grill. However, [...]

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10 Amazing Cleaning Uses of Baking Soda for Your Home

We love green cleaning – it is an easy, healthy, and cheaper way to deal with the chores at home. Moreover, most green cleaning recipes require simple ingredients, which can be found in any home. We have already posted a good deal of green cleaning recipes and DIY home cleaning tricks. You can see that there is one substance, which is a key ingredient in the most of the DIY cleaners - the Baking soda! This powder is safe, inexpensive, it is a great stain cleaner, a natural deodorizer and can be used as a fine abrasive for surface cleaning. Today [...]

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Even those of us who keep up with the planned chores in order to keep the house clean and organised forget to pay attention to certain places and objects. Different people fail to maintain different things, however, there are 8 blind spots around the house almost all of us exclude from the cleaning list. We have already shared some info and recipes for dealing with 4 of these forgotten items and spots in the first part of the article, so now it is time to continue with the rest of the list. Keyboard, Mouse, and Tablet Some recent studies proved [...]

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Experts Share Which Are the 8 Things We Always Forget to Clean – Part 1

We all know that some of the dirtiest and the germiest places in our home are the bathroom, the toilet, all the sinks, the shower and the kitchen. Everyone knows that they must include these spots in the regular home cleaning routine, however, there are some things that also collect a lot of dirt and are home to various bacteria. And the worst part is, we all are guilty in neglecting them and not cleaning them often enough. The Happy House Cleaning’s team shared a list of 8 things at home that we often forget to clean. Our experts also [...]

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