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6 Myths Stopping you from Hiring Professional Domestic Cleaners

Through our long practise in the industry we have seen and heard it all. We even had some very interesting cases – clients, with really busy schedules, struggling to keep their homes clean by themselves. Why? Sometimes after the job is done, our clients admit, they have bee avoiding hiring home cleaning companies for years (although they’ve desperately needed a hand), because of the some of the reasons listed below. And, surprisingly, it is these clients who call us the most often after they get first-hand experience of the benefits of professional cleaning service. Let’s check which are the most [...]

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How to Prepare When Hiring Professional Home Cleaners?

Since we started our blog, we constantly share with you a lot of DIY cleaning recipes as well as many tips and tricks to help you deal with various chores fast and easy. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of hiring home cleaners. But since you are reading this post you probably have considered the pros and cons of getting your home professionally cleaned and decided to give it a try. There are a few things you need to know when hiring professionals - be it for regular visit or just for Spring Cleaning. Follow the tips below in [...]

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7 Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Clean Your Home

We often share with various DIY recipes and methods to clean your home and all of work great. On our blog you can find tips on how to clean your upholstery (check here and here) and methods on cleaning different types of furniture (check our suede cleaning guide, or our leather sofa cleaning tips). We also share with you a lot of green cleaning recipes like – how to clean your home with grapefruits, or how to prepare your own cleaners from soapnuts and even – how to clean after your dog without using toxic products and many, many more. [...]

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The Happy House Cleaning Service

We at the Happy House Cleaning Service want to begin with a post in our blog with our reasons to start a cleaning business in London. First, we appreciate a clean home. We know it’s important to keep a home nice and tidy. We’re also aware of the fact it isn’t an easy task. Especially when you live and work in London. Local residents need a cleaning company to rely on and be sure that their home is taken care off by professional cleaners. […]

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