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Green Spring Cleaning Tips Part 4 – Electronics

We have written a lot about Spring cleaning since we started this blog. And because we like eco-friendly homemade recipes, we have posted a series of green tips on how to clean up your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. A lot of our clients also prefer environmentally friendly products when dealing with dirty dishes, or washing the bed linens. However, we have noticed that even the biggest fans of green lifestyle still use toxic products when cleaning their electronics. This comes as no surprise – many people are uncertain about how to deal with their computers, TVs, and other electronics [...]

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5 Green Ways to Chase Spiders Away from Your Home

As the news websites kindly remind us, the dreaded Spider season has begun. This may sound as a joke to some, but for all people suffering from arachnophobia, this is really bad news. And people who hate spiders might be right to do so after all. Although there are not ‘killer spiders’ in Britain, there are a few kinds of spiders, whose poison is strong enough to cause redness, skin irritation, allergic reaction, pain and swelling. If you don’t like how this sounds, or simply - prefer to live in a spider-free home, check our cleaning tips and eco-friendly tricks [...]

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6 Ways to Fix and Conceal Decoration Mistakes

We all make mistakes when it comes to renovating our homes. Even professional interior designers do. Be it an inappropriate wall colour, of wrong furniture size, or buying an accessory that doesn’t quite fit the room interior - can happen to anybody. But with a little imagination and effort you could turn the decoration mistake into a perk. 1 Make Bold or Dark Colours Look Softer The new colour you’ve chosen for your walls or upholstery turned out too strong? Instead or re-painting or re-upholstering the furniture try to alternate the appearance of the room by choosing the right accessories [...]

2018-07-14T11:28:20+00:00July 22nd, 2015|Blog|

7 Inexpensive Home Renovations that Won’t Ruin Your Vacation

Summer is the best season to renovate your home. It is also the season of ice-cold drinks, sea and vacations. You can always make a quick clean up of the place before leaving on holiday, but renovating is times-consuming. Many of us want to refresh the house but to still have enough time (and finances) to enjoy a nice holiday during the warmest months of the year. We’ve put together a few smart re-vamps for your home that won’t cost a fortune – and your whole summer. […]

2018-07-14T11:41:58+00:00June 8th, 2015|Blog|
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