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10 Things You Should Clean to Prevent a Flu Outbreak at Home

The flu virus spreads increasingly easy and bacteria can stick onto various surfaces in your home. The flu spreads rapidly, especially when you are around sick people at home or at work. If they cough, sneeze, or even when they talk, they shoot the virus bacteria all around them. Flu microbes are also spread when a healthy person is touching something that has been in contact with a flu sufferer. So there is no doubt it is a challenge to stay well during flu season. However, you shouldn’t feel powerless when it comes to keeping the illness away. [...]

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Green Spring Cleaning Tips Part 4 – Electronics

We have written a lot about Spring cleaning since we started this blog. And because we like eco-friendly homemade recipes, we have posted a series of green tips on how to clean up your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. A lot of our clients also prefer environmentally friendly products when dealing with dirty dishes, or washing the bed linens. However, we have noticed that even the biggest fans of green lifestyle still use toxic products when cleaning their electronics. This comes as no surprise – many people are uncertain about how to deal with their computers, TVs, and other electronics [...]

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5 Things We Tend to Forget When Cleaning Our Home

There are some things at home you just can’t miss when doing your chores: dishes, dirty laundry, floors and carpets are part of everyday routine. Oven, windows, and appliances are also a part of the weekly cleaning routine. But there are some areas and things we tend to overlook when cleaning our home. Let’s check which are they. Window tracks Most of us don’t forget to clean the window glass. This is completely natural – smeared fingerprints, smudges and dust can be easily seen by the caring homemaker. However, we often overlook cleaning the window tracks and the windowsills. Over [...]

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10 Common Cleaning Mistakes and Why to Avoid Them – Part II

Last time we have posted the 1st part of this article and we wrote about some of the most common mistakes people do when cleaning their home. Check the don'ts of home cleaning and learn how to avoid them in order to get the best results when doing the chores. Washing Windows with Circular Motions Window cleaning is a tricky task – if you don’t do it right, the glass will still look dirty. When you move your hand in in circles, there is a big chance there will be a lot of soap residues and traces on the surface. [...]

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10 Common Cleaning Mistakes and Why to Avoid Them – Part I

Being experts in our work the proper way to clean anything – from carpets and upholstery to windows – seems obvious and self-explanatory. However, when we are hired for a cleaning job we often stumble upon ruined furnishings, scratched floors and deteriorated rugs, all results of improper treatment. This is why we decided to dedicate a special post in our blog to the most common mistakes in cleaning, why to avoid these bad practices and how to choose the best methods and cleaning products when doing the chores. 10 Mistakes That Make Cleaning Inefficient (and More Difficult) Most people don’t like [...]

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6 Steps to Clean Your Grill Fast and Easy

Summer is the time for garden parties and barbecue dinners! Grilling is a great way to prepare your food! It is fast, easy, and there are almost no pots and pans to clean after you finish preparing the meal and you don’t have to scrub the barbecue after every cooking. However your grill needs to be cleaned every now and then to remove burnt food residues and old grease. We know that a lot of people postpone cleaning the barbecue, because it can be a daunting task, especially if it hasn’t been done in a while. This is why we decided [...]

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6 Easy and Tested Cleaning Tactics Every Freelancer Has to Know

More and more people nowadays decide to take up freelancing, or simply – to work from home. For those, who go to the office it seems a pretty sweet deal – you walk around in you pyjamas all day long, you don’t spend money on expensive lunch and transportation, you have the time for everything you want. But the truth is, that being a freelancer requires a lot hard work – making new contacts, finding clients, building your reputation – and even working when you are sick. It is easy to neglect your place when freelancing – tidying up and [...]

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How to Clean and Maintain Valuable Oriental Rug

Many people hesitate before buying an original Persian, Tabriz or other kind of oriental rug. Their main concern is that these original oriental carpets are hard to clean and maintain without deteriorating the fibres. It is true that these beautiful rugs require some specific care, because they are made from natural materials and often – natural dyes. This is why we decided to list what are the things that can deteriorate your oriental rug and how to deal with them. Quality oriental carpets can last really long time with good care. Check also: How to green clean carpets and rugs. [...]

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