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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs are parasites, feeding with animal and human blood. These insects are very dangerous, because they spread various deceases and can cause serious health problems, carrying 28 known human pathogens. If you have bed bugs at home, there won’t be a doubt about it – they leave itchy, painful bite marks on your body and you can even see them around the house. Bed bugs infest our furniture, carpets, clothes, beds and linens, but also live in cracks in the walls and floors. You should know, that cleaning your home from bed bugs is very difficult task and requires [...]

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How to Live with a Dog and Have a Clean Home

We sure love our dogs – they are faithful friends and joyful companions. But we all know living with a dog can (and will) get messy. They are messy eaters, jump around, leave a lot of hair, and, during their potty training you can stumble upon small smelly puddles around the house. So, is it possible to have a dog and a clean home at the same time? The Happy House Cleaning specialists say ‘Yes!’. Here ‘s how you can do it: Green Cleaning is a Must We have written series of articles on how commercial cleaning products can be a [...]

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6 Tricks for Removing Pet Hair from Furniture and Clothes

Lint rollers are the best tool to use when removing hair, fluffs and lint from clothes. However most rollers have very short life and quickly become useless, especially when you have to deal with pet hair. Some dog and cat breeds like Siamese cats and Doberman dogs have really short thick fur, which is really difficult to remove once it gets deep into fabric’ fibres. […]

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5 Green Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

The most common ingredients in commercial carpet cleaning products are toxic and are serious threat to both humans and pets health. If you want to clean your rugs and carpets properly and keep their as-new look longer take a look at our suggestions below. Here we’ve added 5 eco-friendly cleaning tips to help you deal with carpet cleaning easy without spending endless hours of exhausting work and use of toxic carpet cleaning products. Regular Vacuuming Dirt, dust and debris enter our home quite easily. Every time you come home from outside, or even when you open a window or door. [...]

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