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4 Easy Ways to Remove Stains After Halloween

Halloween is great fun for both children and adults. But after this wild and colourful night is over, it is very likely to find your home and clothes covered in various stains – from makeup to pumpkin juice and spilled candle wax. Here are a few tips to help you remove stains and clean your home and clothes after Halloween is over. Check also: Our after-party cleaning guide or our special post dedicated to cleaning your home after the Holiday season, where you can find our candle-wax cleaning tips. Clean Pumpkin Stains and Residues Sometimes Halloween pranksters get really wild [...]

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Cleaning Before and After Party at Home

No matter if it is a birthday party or just regular gathering it is great to invite your friends at home. But usually after everything is over there is a huge mess and it seems that is impossible to deal with it. In this article we will explain simple and easy steps to clean your home – before and after party. Preparations Before the Party The easiest way to avoid a long and boring clean-up after your party is to prepare well BEFORE it. Roll the rugs and put them away, put covers on the sofa and armchairs – it [...]

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