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Sofa Cleaning London

Cleaning a sofa is a job best done by professional cleaners. Luckily for you, The Happy House Cleaning company have the right team to clean any type of upholstery, no matter the size, fabric or condition meet your requirements. Wherever you live in London, our sofa cleaners delivers high-quality results at fantastic prices. Give us a call on 020 7101 4326 when it’s time to clean your suede or leather couch. Our prices and special offers are without competition!
Our cleaners can take care of delicate upholstered furniture

Our London Sofa Cleaners

The Happy House Cleaning
company has one of best sofa cleaning teams in London. We took our time to hand-pick only experienced and hard working people. All of our employees are well-trained and certified. They know how to remove all kinds of stains or blemishes and treat different fabrics such as suede and leather. Our team work with high end professional equipment to make sure your home couch is as clean as possible.

How Do We Clean Your Furniture?

The Happy House Cleaning crew uses hot water extraction (steam cleaning) to clean all types of sofas. Heated water is injected into furnishings fabrics. It dissolves dirt, soil, unpleasant odours and removes stubborn stains. The upholstery remains almost dry and you can enjoy your couch after treatment. This method is mostly recommended for wool, cotton and microfibre surfaces. You can check out our other upholstery cleaning services, too.

How About Leather and Suede Sofas?

We provide leather sofa cleaning services as well. Leather furniture is famous for its longevity and easy maintenance. However, perspiration and dirt break down its protective layer over time. Our leather cleaning method uses variety of conditioners to stop damaging processes, return your furniture sleek look and protect it in the future. Your valuable home furnishings are in safe hands with our expert technicians.


Common Upholstery Cleaning Codes


However, we reckon you might find it useful so we have included a list of the most common cleaning codes. Here is their short description:

  • S – means solvents only. Dry clean, no water.
  • X – means vacuum or brushing only. Do not attempt to clean. Very rare code.
  • S/W – means dry foam from a mild detergent. Safer than S, but still use dry treatment.
  • W – means water. It could be safely steam cleaned.


Why Choose The Happy House Cleaning?

Need more reasons to call us right now? You can talk to us about our extensive range of professional cleaning services in London, too. You provide a complete quality guarantee for every task we perform in your home or office. Below you can another 5 to book your next steam sofa cleaning service with us:

  • Your furniture is treated with the latest, most advanced equipment
  • Our cleaners apply safe, eco-friendly solutions and solvents
  • Our crew is experienced, certified and well trained
  • No hidden charges or fees
  • Free cleaning quote

Book Your Cleaner Today

Schedule a service today on 020 7101 4326. Our team of friendly assistants can answer all your questions regarding our methods, prices or special offers. Alternatively, you can book a service instantly via our request a service form. The Happy House Cleaning crew will arrive on the date and time promptly, ready to remove stains, blemishes and ground-in dirt and soil.