Bed bugs are parasites, feeding with animal and human blood. These insects are very dangerous, because they spread various deceases and can cause serious health problems, carrying 28 known human pathogens. If you have bed bugs at home, there won’t be a doubt about it – they leave itchy, painful bite marks on your body and you can even see them around the house. Bed bugs infest our furniture, carpets, clothes, beds and linens, but also live in cracks in the walls and floors.

You should know, that cleaning your home from bed bugs is very difficult task and requires taking care of all the areas of the house.

The Washing Machine is Your Best Friend

In order to kill the bed bugs and remove their eggs you should wash all your clothes, and bed linens, clean your curtains and all removable textile items in your home. Run the washing machine on long cycle and set it to the highest temperature possible. Also it is a good idea to inspect your home and seal any cracks in the walls. As it comes to removing bed bugs from furniture, beds and carpets it is best to turn to pest control professionals. However, there are a few things you can do by yourself, to help kill the insects inside your home.

Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Cleaning your carpets is crucial when you want to get rid of bed bugs in your home. The first step is to start vacuuming the area rugs and carpets as often as you can. Next comes steam carpet cleaning. The extremely hot vapours will kill some of the insects and disinfect the rugs. Turn to professional carpet cleaners for hot water extraction procedures. You can also treat your carpets and rugs by sprinkling them evenly with generous amounts of Diatomaceous earth. This substance is killing bed bugs by sticking to their bodies and dehydrating them. After sprinkling diatomaceous earth onto the carpet wait 1 hour and vacuum the carpet.

Take Care of Beds and Furniture

As with the carpets, it is difficult to kill beg bugs in beds, mattresses and other furnishings without professional help. Hire professional cleaning company to steam clean these items. Repeat the procedure after a week to be sure the next generation of insects is also eliminated. Check bed and furniture wooden parts, corners and nightstands and clean them too. Clean your mattress regularly.

Invest in a small steam cleaner and treat all surfaces that get in contact with your skin. The best thing you can do is to call pest control company and professional cleaning company to clean your mattresses and upholstered furniture.

Don’t Use Toxic Products if You Have Pets

Never use pesticides for your bed, because they are harmful not only for the bed bugs but for humans too. You can spray pyrethrin on the floors and wooden parts of furniture, however this substance is toxic and can affect your pets.Bed bugs are hard to remove by yourself, but if you follow the tips above and you turn to professional cleaners it is possible to eliminate them and keep them away from your home.