Dedication is the secret to the successful carpet cleaning services. A sparkling clean, soft, smelling fresh, and shining stain-free carpet is every homeowner’s pride and joy. It’s vital to take proper care of those floor coverings if you want to achieve your guest’s respect and appreciation. However, it’s perfectly normal to make some common mistakes, due to a lack of knowledge of the specifics for treating each fabric and type of carpet.

In order to avoid carpet cleaning disasters at home, we’ve prepared a whole list of bad practices people do when cleaning their carpets:

●   Not having your carpets professionally cleaned

Don’t neglect the importance of an expert carpet cleaning process and consider hiring an end of tenancy cleaning company carefully. The truth is if you want to extend the life of your carpet. In order to maintain it in good condition all year round, and have a stain-free carpet, professional carpet cleaning companies are the way to go!

Depending on the type of carpet, it requires a different approach to cleaning, like hot steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and shampooing. Serious damage to the fabrics of your carpet can be caused if you put it to too intensive vacuuming, as it might be too gentle for such expert

pressure. The end result accumulates a lot of factors. And while renting professional equipment has good intentions and can work out for you, but still choosing the wrong machines can lead to major dangers.

●   Not taking measures fast enough

Incidents do happen with our carpets, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Either having naughty kids, playful pets or perhaps you’re having a bad day, it all results in food or drinks spilt on the carpet.  When you find out, you’d better hurry, or you’re risking it soaking deep into the fabric!

When it concerns drinks, waiting can cause stains to absorb into the carpet padding, leading to bad odours or even potential mould growth.

●   Scrubbing a carpet stain and spreading it

Regardless you might get crazy about what happened to your carpet, but it doesn’t deserve to suffer from your nerves! There is no need to scrub the stain vigorously because things will only get worse! Apart from damaging the fibres particularly, the stains from the carpet would stay unremoved and actually pushed deeper into the fabric.

Untwisting the fibres can be an irreversible process, and you don’t want to go there for sure. If you’d rather treat the area carefully, the results would be more than amazing. In that case, blotting the spot and proceeding with caution might be your best option.

●  Using the wrong cleaning products

Using the wrong detergents is another common mistake that people make when treating their carpets. Only experts and people that tried many of the products know how each works from experience.

Some people forget to think about what fibres of their carpets are made of before they start searching for a proper product. The suitability of the cleaning product for darker or lighter colours would be another major detail to consider. This can lead to damage – fading colours or changing them.

As the damage would be permanent, there will be no coming back from it, and you have to make sure you read all instructions of the product you are about to use. Another trick is to use some of the cleaning product on a corner of the carpet or below it, and see how the material reacts. It’s the ultimate way to prevent spreading the product to a more visible place on the carpet.

●   Using too much of a cleaning product

Another mistake people make with carpet cleaning products, is using too much of them or not enough. So, as for many things, the right dose goes in the middle. But if you can add some more, you can’t remove what you just spilt on the stain. Many of those products have chemicals in them, and using a lot of them can damage the surface or a buildup of dirt-attracting residue. On the other hand, overdoing something is as scary as not doing enough. If too much of chemicals are on the carpet that would eventually lead to a replacement. Good advice would be also to use some personal protective equipment.

Final words

It won’t be a lie if we say the perks of professional carpet cleaning are way too much! Companies that offer carpet cleaning know how exactly to treat each type of carpet – Remember there’s a difference depending on colours, patterns, fabrics, and even size. They use the right cleaning method suitable for your carpet, their products are eco-friendly and they guarantee 100 % high quality. At least once a year. you can allow yourself to trust the process and ensure you have your carpets cleaned by professionals.