You can go abroad for a birthday, or an anniversary, but Christmas is one of the few holidays that we all spend at home with our loved ones. It is a time for homemade meals, family games, warmth, and comfort. And although there are so many things to be done for the celebration – like shopping, baking, cooking and decorating, in order to spend a great holiday you need to clean up and prepare your home first. Here are the essential Christmas cleaning and organising to-dos that will contribute to easing the preparations allowing you to a great holiday experience.

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Clean Up the Windows

Of course, if you followed our Autumn cleaning plan, you have already done the in-and-out window cleaning. However, if you love decorating your windows for the holidays, you might want to wipe up the glass with rubbing alcohol one more time. It will be significantly more precise to spray snowflakes and easier to stick paper decorations on the glass when it’s clean.

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Take Care of Dust and Cobwebs

Christmas decorations usually stay until the begging of the New Year, and sometimes – even a few days after. This is why it is wise to quickly dust around the house one more time, before putting everything together. The same applies for cobwebs on the ceilings and walls corners – it will be easier (and more pleasant) to decorate if you get rid of them before the holidays.

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Clean up and Organise Guestroom and Closets

If you are going to invite over friends and relatives for the holiday it will be wise to clear up some space in the closet. They will be bringing suitcases, bags, and jackets and you don’t want them to block your hallway or your rooms. Also, it is a good idea to clean up the guest room a little. Run the vacuum, dust the surfaces and prepare a set of clean linens to make sire your houseguests will feel cozy and comfortable during their Christmas stay at your home.

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Clean the Kitchen

Winter is the season when we spend a lot of time preparing meals, especially on holidays. This is why it’s a good idea to make a quick check and see if your kitchen is ready for some heavy duty Christmas cooking. Clean up the fridge and cupboards, and throw out old products. You can also rinse the dust from special cutlery, glasses, and dishes. Check the condition of your oven – if there are scorched cooktops, and burnt food, make sure to clean them. This way you will improve the work of this appliance and get better results when preparing the Christmas meal. If your oven hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it is probably easier to call a professional oven cleaning service.

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Clean the Bathroom and the Toilet

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the things that you definitely don’t want to do during the holiday. Pour some heavy duty cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it do its magic. Wipe the tiles with all-purpose cleaning product after you take a shower. The hot vapors will loosen the dirt, making it easier to make your bathroom shine. Wipe the mirrors with glass cleaner, or simply use rubbing alcohol, to remove all toothpaste splashes, fingerprints, and water rings from the surface.

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